Kyu Promotion Test - Kyokushinkan International Indonesia - Oct 31-Nov 1, 2009

Kyokushinkan International Indonesia

Kyu promotion test of Kyokushinkan International Indonesia was held on Oct 31st - 1st  Nov2009 (2 days and 1 night) at Novus Resort & Spa, Puncak – West Java. The hotel was situated on Puncak region with scenery of Mount Gede and breezy mountainous air.

All the participants gathered on the site and at the appointed time. The first phase of the test was held on 3.00 pm. It began with theory test, Kihon by all the participants, Idogeiko, and continued by Kata test. After all had been completed, the participants could take rest and had dinner.

Kihon Kyokushinkan Indonesia 

Kata Kyokushinkan Indonesia 

The next morning, the participants gathered on 5.30 am to run across the hill near the hotel (about 3 kilometers) then continued by games, but with Kyokushinkan style of course. After all the participants had taken some rest and breakfast, then they began the last phase of the test, which were Kumite techniques, Using targets, Tameshiwari, then ended by Kumite. All the activities ended on 12.00 at noon. Even though it seemed exhausting, but all the participants took the test seriously, diligently, and of course passionately. 

Lari Kyokushinkan Indonesia

Games Kyokushinkan Indonesia

Kumite Kyokushinkan Indonesia 

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