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Dojo 18Fit18 Office park Jl. TB Simatupang

Kyokushin-Kan International Indonesia

Saturday 08.30 – 09.30 WIB

with Shihan Anthony Ferdinand Pajouw

Tournaments Participated:

-          -The 6th World Open Karate Tournament versi IKO 2, Yokohama, January 1996

-         - World Weight Category Karate Tournament Tokyo, April 2008

-          -The 7th World Open Karate Tournament, Tokyo, November 1998

-         - 1st 50x Men Kumite, Jakarta 2000

-          -The 1st Indonesia Open Karate Tournament, Surabaya, Oktober 2001

-          -The 9th Asia Open Karate Tournament, Tokyo, 2003

-         - Kejurnas Kyokushin IX, Surabaya, 1st Champion Male Open Class

-          -2nd 50x Men Kumite, Batu, Malang, 2007

-          -The 3rd Indonesia Open Tournament, Surabaya, 3rd Champion Male Open Class

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