International Events of 2013 03 Jun 2013
Date Event Place Organizer
January 12 (Sat) Kagamibiraki (Opening Ceremony of the New Year) Honbu Dojo Honbu
March 1 (Fri) - 3 (Sun) International Instructors Camp Tochigi-ken, Japan Honbu
End of April - Early May All Japan Junior Karate Tournament Toda-shi Sports Center, Japan Honbu
All Japan Senior & Woman Karate Tournament
All Japan Karate Kata Tournament
Jun 23 (Sun) 2013 World Karate Kata Tournament Yoyogi Daini Gymnasium, Japan Honbu
All Japan Weight Category Karate Tournament
End of July Honbu Summer Training Camp Gunma-ken, Japan Honbu
October All Kyokushin World Karate Tournament Bulgaria KWU
November 17 (Sun) All Japan Open Karate Tournament Sohasen Yoyogi Daini Gymnasium, Japan Honbu
November 23 (Sat) - 24 (Sun) Mt. Mitsumine Waterfall Training Camp Mt. Mitsumine, Saitama, Japan Honbu
December World Junior Karate Tournament Moscow, Russia Russian Branch
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